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Hell for both the bribe giver and receiver 2023

Bribery is the giving of something, such as money, or any other material in an unfair way, or secretly, to solve a task. Both giving and taking bribes are prohibited by Allah Almighty.

Hell for both the bribe giver and receiver 2023

We all know and accept in one sentence that bribery is an injustice, the worst heinous act. Unfortunately, despite knowing that it is the worst and worst thing, it is prevalent in our society. There are some people in our society who are getting huge salary from the government but they don’t even care to take bribe of two hundred rupees from the working people living below the poverty line.

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These people taking bribes are a disgrace to the name of people. They have nothing to say humanity. By paying this bribe maybe a rich person is becoming rich and a class of people are suffering and suffering. People’s anger or hatred towards people based on this bribery, mistrust of laws, immoral, anti-social activities have deteriorated through government restrictions and disasters.Hell for both the bribe giver and receiver 2023

The Creator Almighty Allah Rabbul Alamin is displeased with people in anti-social and immoral activities. Those who do these unethical and anti-social acts, this evil end result of their actions one day falls on themselves or harms the next generation.

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So the government should pay attention to the inner naked appearance and work of these people. Otherwise, its final and dire consequences will destroy the country and society. For giving and taking bribes, one faces serious risks and suffers from devastating diseases.

The practice of bribery in the society destroys the principles and morals of the people. Bribery is a deadly disease for people, families, society, and the country. Allah has ordered to refrain from this worst abomination.

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Generally everyone is more or less aware about the nature and identity of bribery. Especially those who work in government jobs take a key role in this regard. Neither the employees nor the people associated with these activities want to call it bribery. They are ashamed to call it bribery.

They call it hadiya, bakshish, travel or sweet spending. No matter how beautiful it is named, whether a person gives it willingly or willingly or in return for any work or for any reason, any extra payment is definitely bribery and injustice.

Some people benefit and some people suffer from this bribery, Islam has never supported it and never will.

Now we will see how Islam prohibits bribery

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If a person who is involved in bribery is a Muslim, his worship will not be accepted in the court of Allah. If he performs Hajj, Umrah, prays five times a day, spends all his wealth in giving Zakat and charity, Allah will not accept anything from him. If someone dies in that state, he will have to burn in the fire of hell which is 80 times stronger than the fire of the earth.

The Prophet cursed this bribery so much that if a person dies keeping the bribe money, the person who accepts the money later will also be punished in the same way.

In a Taapseer, the bribe-giver, the bribe-taker and all those associated with it will be accepted as unjust, they are criminals in the sight of Allah, the worst of bad people. The Prophet (PBUH) said that when bribery becomes widespread in a person or nation, famine occurs in that person or nation. And they will soon be destroyed.

today Bribery has spread widely in our society and country. The big leaders of the country or society are more used to this work. They have made their wealth like a mountain by accumulating interest money. Due to this bribe, the eligible son is also deprived of getting a job. Despite being very good in studies, they are not able to get admission in schools, colleges and universities due to lack of money.

Hell for both the bribe giver and receiver 2023

And the sons and daughters of rich people are getting admission in all those places, although they are not very good in studies. If this continues day after day, society and country will be full of stupidity. And because of this bribe, many innocent people are imprisoned in jail day after day.

Many good people have been hanged on the gallows because of bribery. Leaders are loudly playing the microphone and promoting to build a corruption free country and society. And those leaders are sowing the seeds of corruption without everyone’s knowledge. This means that the law that is making is also breaking the law. Here the keeper has become the eater, isn’t it?

There is no other country in the world where there is such corruption as it is in our country. In our country, even after working for a few months, he was forced to quit his job with humiliation because of this bribe. People could not bear the unbearable suffering due to this humiliation and they chose the path of suicide.
Those who fear Allah Rabbul Izzat even a little. Especially those who are believing Muslims should stay away from this bribery. And others should be prevented from taking this bribe.

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