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History of discovery of important and remarkable drug penicillin 2023

In other words, a cat does not climb a tree if it is not pushed, and people do not learn if they are not pushed, and there is a reason behind every human invention. Today I will tell you about such a discovery. Let’s see what it is

History of discovery of important and remarkable drug penicillin 2023

Alexander Fleming is a great doctor of Scotland. Although he was a physician, he was more interested in biology. He loved to research different microbes. Besides treatment, he spent more time on lifestyle and did various experiments. This doctor and scientist Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident. Penicillin is actually a group of antibiotics.
Penicillin works against all the diseases that occur due to various bacterial infections in the human body. Physician Alexander Fleming spent much of his time researching various aspects of germs. Between 1928 and 1929, he discovered the existence of penicillin in a particular type of fungus

Alexander Fleming worked as a doctor in the government hospital for a long time. This time he got an opportunity to join the army as a doctor. A few days after joining the army as a medic, the alarm bells of World War I sounded and the war began. In this war, all those soldiers were injured and saw them being attacked by bacteria. And they are affected by various diseases.

History of discovery of important and remarkable drug penicillin 2023

The soldiers started to suffer and some died due to this bacterial attack. The doctor was very sad. He felt the need for a strong bactericide. When the World War ended, he returned to England and was appointed as a professor at St. Mary’s Medical College in London. This time he spent some time as a professor in this college. He started working with bacteria in 1928. He was working in the bacteria laboratory of the University of London in August.

One day he suddenly went out for a walk. And in a hurry, he made a mistake and went out. This mistake has shown the whole world a light of hope. He was surprised when he returned to the laboratory after about 15 days. Because of leaving the window open, everything in the house becomes dirty in the wind. Dirty garbage has entered the house from outside.

History of discovery of important and remarkable drug penicillin 2023

Some grasses have also flown onto the bacterial plate. He noticed a major change in the bacterial plates of the fallen grass leaves. He was surprised to see this. and saw that all the bacteria on the plate had died. But he started thinking about the reason of death. This thought gave birth to a great discovery in medical science. He checked and found that the grass that fell on the plate contained a type of fungus that killed the bacteria. The name of this fungus is penicillin notatum fungus.

Because of this fungus, those harmful bacteria have died. He thought then who I got the result of so many days of Sadhana? Did I get a strong bacteria killer? He wrote a letter to the British Journal about this matter. And other members of this British journal gave him much encouragement in this regard. And said to take his research further.

Although Fleming was the first to discover penicillin. Other scientists made it suitable for use in the human body. After many efforts, two scientists made it suitable for the human body. One of them is Howard Florey, and the other is Ernst Chain. The names of these three are written in golden letters on the pages of history. People will never forget them. In 1939 they made it useful and purified for the human body.

Since then, the use of penicillin has become widespread throughout the world. Now man has reached the extreme moment of development. Now much better quality and much stronger
The discovery of Penicillin has led to many advances in medical science.

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