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Malaria is a deadly disease don’t neglect it Neglect can lead to death Know more 13 December 2023

There are very few people who do not know anything about malaria. Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease. This disease is especially caused by mosquito bites. Taking some extra precautions can save you from this disease.

Malaria is a deadly disease don’t neglect it Neglect can lead to death Know more 13 December 2023

This disease existed in the distant past, still exists and will continue to exist in the future. It is not right to neglect this disease as it is a very old disease. India has been occupying one of the most malaria-prone countries in the world for several years. Almost two lakh people die every month due to malaria, most of them are children.

The number of malaria patients is increasing day by day in and around cities in Southeast and West Asia. People’s travel has increased more than before. The frequent movement of people from one city to another, from one country to another, and even from one continent to another, has increased the number of malaria cases worldwide.

At one time in the past, malaria was almost non-existent. But today this malaria has become an epidemic disease in some countries. The pace of malaria control has not been controlled as expected due to densely populated human settlements, environmental adversities.

There is no specific age limit for malaria. Malaria can occur at any age. Due to the low immunity of children and the elderly, it can sometimes take a terrible form. Children under 6 months of age are less likely to get malaria. Because during these six months, the immune system of the mother’s body of the child has an effect on the child’s body.

After that, from the age of 6 months, the immunity of the child’s body gradually decreases. Then the child is more likely to be affected by various diseases after the age of 6 months. When the child reaches five years of age, his body’s immune system starts to increase again.

Especially men are more affected by this malaria disease. Because they travel from one village to another village to another city to another city most of the time for the sake of work. Because of this, they are more likely to be affected by this disease. However, in our country, girls are very less likely to be affected by malaria. Girls stay at home most of the time and the risk of contracting malaria is much lower due to the fact that they are most of the time covered with clothes so that they cannot be infected by this mosquito.

Malaria is more likely to occur during pregnancy in girls. However, there are many reasons for fear if malaria occurs in the state of pride. For example, if a pregnant mother has malaria, the child may die or have a sudden miscarriage.

On the other hand, the number of malaria cases among pregnant women in developed countries is very low. People in underdeveloped countries are much more likely to contract malaria due to ignorance, malnutrition, and lack of awareness. However, there is no incidence of malaria in developed countries.

Densely populated areas, or areas where sunlight reaches less, are areas with less light and winds.Malaria is more common.

In earlier days malaria was more common only in rural areas. Farmers in the village, especially those who do farming, were more prone to this disease. But now the prevalence of this disease is increasing in urban areas. Due to unplanned housing, unsanitary garbage, water drainage problems, more people are suffering from these diseases towards the city.

Sleeping in the open, sleeping without mosquito nets, not keeping the house clean helps the growth of malaria. Unused containers, cans, carrybags, old tubs, tires, etc., are ideal breeding grounds for standing water. Due to the lack of water drainage facilities in different parts of the city, water accumulated in different places is considered as a huge breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Malaria disease is more common in our country especially during hot season. Due to the high humidity in the air during the summer months from July to November, people are more prone to malaria. Again, when the temperature is 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the incidence of this disease increases. During the rains it is very convenient for malaria mosquitoes to spread. However, excessive rain disrupts its reproduction.

Let’s take a look at what are the symptoms of malaria

This fever is a little different from other fevers. Other fevers gradually manifest themselves in the body. But the two main symptoms of this malaria fever are extreme cold and fever with extreme shivering. If the fever comes like this, then it should be thought that malaria has attacked the disease. Moreover, the symptoms of this fever in children are often stomach upset, flatulence, bowel movements and abdominal pain and mild shortness of breath.

However, especially after six months and before five years, fever with Kapuni is mostly not noticed in children. Instead of this, sleepiness, aversion to food, nausea, headache etc. can be noticed. Malaria attacks in five-year-olds will start with severe chills, followed by chills and fever that can rise to 105 degrees Celsius. Seizures, bleeding with urine, loss of blood in the body, loss of urine volume, sometimes loss of consciousness, etc. are the symptoms of complications of this disease.

A person suffering from malaria should seek immediate medical attention if the following symptoms occur. Otherwise the patient may die. Great aversion to water or food. Frequent vomiting, convulsions and drowsiness, occasional loss of consciousness, and extreme fatigue in the body should be treated as soon as possible.

Appropriate tests should be done to find out whether malaria germs are present in the blood. Malaria can be tested at any time if suspected. But before starting the medicine it is better to check it. If nothing is detected in the first test, then three consecutive tests should be done. Malaria can now be tested without a microscope. This test takes very little time.

The main goal of treatment is to quickly identify the disease and cure the patient from the disease. The only treatment that can tell which type of malaria the patient has is vivax or falciparum. Although there are all other medicines for malaria, chloroquine works the most, but if you stop taking the medicine in the middle, you have to complete the whole course. However, this disease can be cured. But now a lot of better drugs have come in the market
. If complications of this disease occur, treatment should be started very quickly. However, it should be treated in a hospital or nursing home where there are all kinds of facilities.

Let’s take a look at how the treatment of malaria is very simple

Malaria is different from other diseases. Similarly, the behavior of the mosquito that carries this disease is different. These mosquitoes are more common in the evening and early morning. So the night is divided into two parts. After evening you can apply mosquito repellent cream especially in open areas.

However, this cream does not last long. After going to bed again, you should apply the cream again or you should hang mosquito net while sleeping. However, if you do not use mosquito nets, you must use mosquito repellent incense, mats, or electric all-out. Care must be taken to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the house and surroundings. The roof water tank cannot be kept open.

Empty tubs, or buckets of anything, must be turned upside down or broken. Water cannot be allowed to accumulate anywhere.

The method of preventing malaria by taking medicine is not universal. Especially when going to a malaria-prone area or a forest, the whole body must be covered.

Especially at night you can’t go to the open forest and if you have to go then you have to use cream on your hands and feet to repel mosquitoes. You must sleep with a mosquito net every night. Malaria is very difficult to diagnose after starting medication. So it is better to take blood test before taking medicine. It is not necessary to take malaria medicine only when there is a fever. If you follow these rules, you will be protected from malaria.

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